Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Coveted CNC Award

Yeah verily a week past, did I throw down the gauntlet to that knave CJ, offering a prize if he would accept my terms of battle. These were that this wastrel would forsooth on my cycle ride one week hence (wot was today in gorgeous sunshine), refrain from uttering any verbal outpourings concerning the route with words akin to 'unnecessary hill', 'oh b----y hell, why are we going that way', 'I wouldn't go this sodding way',  'the pace is too fast', etc. etc. After suitable contemplation of his veritable two-tums for an eyeblink, my terms were agreed. The rascal of course invoked dastardly cheating by riding directly to 11's and departing 20 miles before the end, thus avoiding irritation of my lugholes for half of the chosen route. However, terms were fulfilled in that nary once did he utter (at least in my earshot - but if anyone knows differently, please comment) anything derogatory about my chosen (albeit occasionally mislaid) route. I doth however wish I had included omission of the words bovine, ovine and woo-woo as part of the terms....

.... and however indeed, his prize is to be mentioned in despatches to the hallowed echelons of EV, and to be here anointed with the covetous CNC award or to be rendered its full title, the Chris No Complaint award.

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  1. In common usage the acronym CNC usually refers to " Computer Numerical Control * " a term is also applicable to CJ.

    * Or should it be Kompewter Numerikal Kontrolle in a Darlek like monotone voice ?.