Monday, 10 February 2014

Main Ride Wednesday 12th

Dallas will lead the moderate ride as planned but the Main Ride will be self-lead unless anyone wants to take the lead. Dallas will distribute a map and route sheet at the start.

Watchtree and The Highland Laddie have been warned that cyclists will be coming. The route was clear last Friday. It is 19. Miles to Watchtree then 20 miles to Glasson going clockwise around 'The Island' - Anthorn and Cardunnock to Bowness and Port Carlisle. High Tide at Bowness is at 11.32 so the road should not be flooded though it is an 8m tide (9.5 is the highest). The return to Dalston is via Boustead Hill Kirkbampton and Great Orton.

I am required at Stockport for child care.

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