Monday, 22 June 2020

Liz's Birthday Brick Session: EVENT

Liz's Birthday Brick Session

An open invitation to all CTC members.

It’s time to show off all that lock-down training you’ve been up to. A unique birthday event for friends to join in wherever they may be. So for those who don’t know, a brick session is a cycle and then run back to back. The rules for this once in a lifetime event are simple:

1) Cycle and run must be consecutive - only time to take off your shoes and helmet- if you wear one - and put on your trainers.

2) You must cycle twice as long (in minutes/hours) as you run.

3) The minimum run is 10 mins - so the minimum cycle is 20 minutes.

4) If you are over 75 you can replace the cycle with a stationary pedal, and/or the run with a walk (Let's be clear, this rule is really exclusively for my parents).

5) If you are not you can’t. If you are running injured you can.

For example I'm going moderate....a 1.5hr bike and a 45 minute run. The run is obvs. the limiting factor here.

When? Let's go for Saturday 27th June…morning time…. If successful ‘brickers’ fancy dropping in on a zoom chat on Saturday evening for a quick cheers, that would be nice. No excuses, hydrate and rehydrate (of course) and have fun Liz xx


  1. Arm twisting is difficult at a distance, but I think I have talked Pam into a more moderate effort from Langwathby, cycling a loop for an hour then seeing how far we make it along Ladies walk in 15 minutes before turning round again. We don't want anyone checking up on us... we don't want you to see us walking...

    1. YES! I am so impressed... Pam told me she'd done a reccy, and that there would be ( I quote) ' a walk/jog thingummy involved... which sounded perfect. Extra kudos points also available for less than 30 secs in transition, a selfie on the bike and going sockless.... :)

  2. Is it against the rules to run first, then on the bike?