Thursday, 7 May 2020

Lockdown - a view from Gretna

It is 4.35am and Anne and I are in the sun room having a cup of tea. The sky is getting lighter by the minute. Even after 6 weeks of 'lockdown' we are enjoying the isolation. We get out for walks and I go cycling from time to time.  I enjoy being on my own and like the solitude. It is perhaps a horrible thing to say but I don't miss anyones company. I do miss that I can't go to the Annandale Distillery for scone, jam and cream or to Pellosis in Langholm for an All Day breakfast.   
On the other hand life is simpler and less expensive.  
A few days ago I followed Bill Openshaw's  idea of riding over 100 miles within a radius of 12 miles from home.   The route overall wasn't inspiring but I found myself on roads between Walton and Langholm I had not been on before.    Later this morning I'll be hopefully joining other harp players in a Zoom session. Bye for now.

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  1. At a time when some of the 'lockdown' measures may be moderated I would agree with Ian in some respects. Despite missing the social banter and company of being face to face with many cycling friends it is making the occasional crossing of pathways with friends whilst out on rides, that bit more enjoyable even if we have to remain 2m apart.
    I do think we are so lucky to have access to so much glorious countryside hereabouts and coupled with the glorious weather I have found lockdown bring some of the best cycling. No traffic - quiet solitude - and good weather have helped to keep up the spirits at this worrying time. Best wishes to everyone