Friday, 8 May 2020

Hartside Milepost - Latest

The Good News - Ruth & I have been up (necessary travel??) to remove the unique distance 'ears' to safe keeping at our house - after all they took a year of Sustrans and foundry nagging by local volunteer John Bennett to source and are virtually irreplaceable now.

As soon as lockdown permits, will get a couple of others to come up and help remove the milepost from its base (weighs about 3 cwt in old money) to also store here.

The Bad News - here's cut and paste from the new owner/developer of the site, Dawn Dixon.

Hi Les 
Apologies for delay in getting back to you. 
Hartside is going to be used for many different events in the future, new car launches & photography etc. We are using drones & I’m trying to make the best of the location, views. 
We’ve actually built a bigger ramp for these occasions which is in the location where your post was. 
We are also having a large sculpture placed by the road. 
I hope you understand but there will be no place left on that boundary. 
Let me know when you can manage to take it to safety just so we know it’s not been stolen. 

The Future News. Ideally it would be sited on the north side of the A686 near the brown Hartside Summit sign, but that involves presumably Eden Council, Highways etc, let alone casting a new concrete block in situ. I am in the process of making contact with our cycling 'mayor' and other individuals (via Phil Blanshard and Nigel) who may have the clout and motivation to make something happen - or we could divert the C2C through Ousby to see the sign at our house .....

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