Thursday, 2 January 2020

Away Week Update - April 24th to May 1st

Hello folks, hope you had a super New Year (ours was amazing with 35 others at the Fell and Rock cottage in Langdale) and best wishes for a great 2020!

The balance for our away week April 24th to May 1stat Woodland Park Lodges Ellesmere is due by the first week in March. Nearer the time I will let you know exactly, but around £70 making the total week about £120 – depending on what happens as a result of this blog!

So far I have paid deposits on 4 lodges (1x 8 bed, 2 x 6 bed, 1 x 4 bed) which would hold 24 people. 20 people have committed and paid deposits, but it would be nice to get up to 4 more so we don’t have to cancel the 4 bed, lose its deposit and increase everyone’s payment to cover that loss. If we get over 4 more, there are still other lodges available to book.

Several have expressed interest, but I would be well chuffed to receive commitment by way of £50 deposit per person now that we are inexorably approaching finalising numbers prior to paying the balance.

A reminder that as per previous years, there is no EV ‘slush fund’ as such, so deposits and balances must be considered non-refundable should anyone need to drop out, although  anything left in the away week finance ‘pot’ will of course be divided up as partial repayment. Alternatively what can work for anyone dropping out last minute, is to sell their space directly to someone else at a mutually acceptable price.

Finally although 16 months away, ideas for 2021 welcomed – and if anyone would like to take on the mantle of organising location, accommodation and  sorting groupings, I will happily still manage the financial side!

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