Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Just to quick note to thank everyone for their efforts in today's Tri-Vets event! 
There are so many people to mention that I won’t mention any names in case I forget anyone.
Thanks to those who have helped with the catering, particularly at Milburn and Dalston.
Thanks to those who have helped with the organisation from collating the groups to crafting the routes.
Thanks to those who helped at Newton Rigg with registration + meet & greet and making sure that everyone got the food that they ordered.
Thanks to all of the ride leaders for showing off our beautiful Eden Valley and guiding our guest riders around the route(s).
Thanks to the staff at Newton Rigg who could not have been more helpful with the organisation & coping with loads of last-minute changes to the numbers.
And last of all a special thanks to everyone who rode on the day in challenging conditions – there is nothing to beat a day in the saddle in good company! 

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