Saturday, 5 January 2019

Sun 6 th Jan 2 bike ride - offer to lead from CJ

I propose to lead a ride based on Alison's modified route.
   Starting in the vicinity of the motorway bridge at Plumpton at 10:00. Anyone coming by car could park in Plumton village east of the railway and river Petrill bridges where the road is broad enough to park safely.
   The distance to the single stop at Hawksdale is about 18 miles via Catterlen, Skelton, Raughton Head & Limehouse School.
If Hawksdale is not open, Dobbies Garden Centre at Orton could be used instead.
   Returning via Dalston, Wreay, Southwaite, High Hesket, Pettril Green, Theifside, Lazonby, & Plumpton the full circuit would be 42 miles.
A more direct return could be made if Dobbies is used as a " feeding station ".
   I hope to see some of you tomorrow.

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