Monday, 31 December 2018

Wed 2 nd Jan - Dallas's Grade 2 Solway ride brought forward to Jan 1 st

The forecast for Wednesday is frost with a temperature of - 2 deg at 9am.
    As the roads are still wet I’m not prepared to lead a ride in icy conditions. 
Filling in CUK accident forms is a chore!
    However I am prepared to lead a ride tomorrow, New Years Day.
Ian and I will be in the New Car park Dalston at 10am.
    I plan to do a gentle Solway ride with one stop at the chapel at Port Carlisle which will be 
open and the heating on. So bring some refreshments.
How far we go depends on who turns up and how they are feeling! Probably 30-40miles.
    Tea and Christmas cake at Dalston afterwards.
CJ is kindly posting this as I can’t get “New Post” to come up on the lap top.

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