Monday, 29 October 2018

3 bike ride Wednesday 31st October

Route planned as above starting from the telephone box at Catterlen NY487336. There is parking on the main road but it might be a lot safer to park at 487339 on the minor road opposite the junction near Woodhead Farm on the OS map - see below
The ride is maximum 70mi (not as published!) so not dawdling but as you can see from the profile it is not too hilly. We intend to stop for coffee at the Granary cafe in Wigton near the fountain and then somewhere on the N coast where we can get coffee/tea but come with packed lunch in case that's all we can get. There will certainly be an opportunity to refuel in Dalston if necessary. Lights might be useful just in case - see notes on the ride list!
The weather doesn't look too bad, it is getting a little milder by Wednesday so hope I have not put everyone off! It's pretty much the last opportunity for distance before the start time becomes 10.00!

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