Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Hartside has Ears!

Finally the replacement milepost at Hartside has its two ears . Well four if you count Rachel's in the photo below. Or maybe the milepost ones are called wings. Now I'm sounding like Nigel. Nip up and have a look sometime!

The original milepost was broken by a car sliding into it winter before last. Before we (that's the local Sustrans volunteers as it needs three to lift it) could get it safely stored inside and arrange re-welding, some bugger nicked it presumably for scrap ......

Thanks to the efforts of John Bennett one of our volunteers, a replacement used milepost (albeit of a different design) was located and installed a year ago. Since then it's been waiting for the ears which show distances so are bespoke. John's tenacity with Sustrans and the foundry in Wales eventually produced the new ears which Ruth & I painted - as we did the original and replacement mileposts - quite a job with all the detailing and it would be nice to find a volunteer to re-touch the paintwork next year - anyone willing?

Rachel called yesterday to retrieve some of her stuff stored in our barn, so got lumbered helping me fix the ears. Treated her to a trip up in our 1964 Jag, successfully re-tapped the damaged top thread which is why  the last trip up had to be aborted and in a keen wind fixed the new ears.

Was going to chatter about it on Mike's run today. But cycling from Penrith a gear cable broke - this is on my old Dawes as the Bob Jackson burst a rim half an hour before my last Sunday's rainy ride (Clive is kindly rebuilding the wheel for me).  BJ has allen screws, Dawes has nuts - and I didn't have  a spanner in the tool kit!  By the time I'd sorted it, got to Greystoke 10 mins after the group had departed. And I'd forgotten to bring the mobile phone. Chose a really nice but undulating route to Caldbeck - guess what, the group had left 5 mins before I arrived. Nay bother, I intended going home after 11's anyway - so I did, alone, unchattered and unloved ....

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  1. Well done Les and Ruth - looks fantastic! Rachel looks a bit cold though!