Monday, 11 June 2018

Post Easter Week 2019

Fife was marginally the most popular choice from our straw poll in Derbyshire. Some interest in a posh pad in Northumberland Pam & Shauna know, but Dallas sussed out £250 each so rather over budget! Also popular was north Wales / Shropshire and we found possibilities in Ellesmere – next year maybe? Trubys would love us to do Norfolk – but it’s an awfully long 250 mile drive.

Let’s do Fife!
Group lodge type accommodation is minimal except on the extreme eastern St Andrews side which limits cycling routes. There are suitable but basic lodges near Bridge of Earn a few miles from Perth, but the location is close to a noisy motorway, makes day trips to St Andrews and east Fife too long for most and involves negotiating sizeable Perth to explore further north.

We have found a more ideal location midway between Cupar and Newburgh on the A913 central but on the northern side of the Fife ‘peninsula’ which I would like EV members & friends to consider as soon as possible as that is the recommendation for next year. Downside is no 6 bed places, just an 8 and the rest 4’s. Provisional info as follows:

Date: Thursday April 25th 2019 (just after Easter) for a week. Unfortunately the farmhouse (see below and which we need) has a booking from May 2nd so the only way to fit in a week is from the Thursday – hopefully not an issue.
Next available date is Monday May 6th which gets closer to folks going away time of year.

Venue: Balmeadowside Country Lodges Fife
Accommodation: 1 x 8 bed farmhouse (with games room) which will become I guess our ‘socialising’ venue, 5 x 4 bed ‘bird/owl’ cottages with double ensuite, twin  and separate
bathroom, remainder 4 bed ‘tree’ slightly smaller cottages double without ensuite & twin.
Many do have hot tubs!

Cost: More than our previous budget, have negotiated a bit off, but will be near enough £150 per person irrespective of whether in farmhouse or the two cottage types

Let me know as soon as possible with one each of the following, the hardest  bit is getting commitment so deposits can be paid and a firm booking made!

YES      MAYBE     NO
(if  NO reason please eg location, dates, price)

DATE   Thurs April 25th        Mon May  6th        EITHER

Les Meer 01768 881894/  07840 568047

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