Saturday, 30 June 2018

Challenge Rides Sunday 8th July

On Sunday 8th July we are organising two challenge rides  There will be a 100km and 100mi courses somewhat like the rides we did last year but open to all.  Details on our web pages including auto entry to the event!

You will have seen the Challenge rides in the CUK publicity. By organising the rides we are doing our bit to publicize and get more people involved in, cycling. Cycling UK is supporting us by publicising the event and providing some goodies!

We have already had volunteers to help with the organisation (though one or two more would be welcome) and entries are beginning to come in. This is an Open event so anyone can take part but it would be great if all those of us who think that they can manage either of the distances could come forward and take part. It would be good company for visiting riders and you will be able to sing the praises of this wonderful part of the country that we are privileged to ride in.

Everyone who is taking part should enter via our web page. It costs £12.50 but is very little to pay for the support organisation and the free food at start and finish of the rides. We also need to pay for hire of the Village Hall.

You can enter from our website Home page and clicking the 'Medal' or just click the link above. Follow through and you will automatically be registered and asked to pay. If you don't like paying online then please contact me asap to let me know your details. The automatic route is best as it collects ICE (In case of emergency) details etc.
Thanks for reading this!

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