Thursday, 29 March 2018

Fibre Broadband

As many EV's live in villages which may in the past year have had fibre broadband installed, but like us have not yet opted for it rather than stay with conventional 'slow' non fibre (in our case was 1Mb max as we  are 4 miles from exchange), the following may be useful, warts and all - as I'm no guru!

Just signed up for BT fibre broadband, great offers at the moment and cheaper than our present non-fibre 1Mb max with Plusnet. 

BT presently I think don't allow in low usage areas any other providers such as Plusnet to use BT's fibre except on what they call a 'trial' basis with non discounted prices. Only BT seem to be able to offer value packages, though this could change in the future.

£29.99 per month BT Infinity Unlimited 50Mb including line rental. Easter offer saves £50 activation charge.  £9.99 postal charge for delivery of router.Includes free weekend calls to landlines and caller display.  It is an 18 month contract.

This assumes you have fibre to the premises ie into a duct in the road outside your house. Note (guessing) many villages do not have what is called fibre to the box (which is what most towns have), out here it is fibre to the premises this limits offers from other providers.

Signing up online gets a £150 BT Reward Card to spend at any Mastercard retailer - including supermarket shopping! You could opt for the £5 per month cheaper Infinity limited to 30Gb package (ample if not streaming films etc), but that doesn't get the reward card. So £5 per month extra x 18 months = £90, but get £150 reward card - no brainer!

Plus we've taken a BT add-on  extra £5 a month for a mobile SIM only package (uses EE network) of unlimited texts & calls and 0.5Gb data. We will use the mobile to make all outgoing calls, as works out cheaper than buying a landline anytime call package - more and more folks are going that way. Note that none of these mobile SIM only packages I think include calls to 0870 and 0845. Bonus with new roaming rules, for 36 European countries, usage is included just as in the UK. Plus access to all 5 million BT wifi UK hotspots whatever they are!

Anyone else you think may be interested, pass it on.

Apologies it's not about bikes, does anyone object?

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