Monday, 26 March 2018

3 bike club ride from Wetheral - Wed 28th March

The ride will start from the Green in Wetheral 9.30am   11's will be at the garden centre in Brampton - NOT Longtown.   My mistake!    The route to Greenhead will be gently undulating.  (we will not be going up 'Banks')  Greenhead Hotel will be open for lunches.   I phoned  Greenhead tea room today to find out if they would be open but there was no reply.   The tea room may be closed on mondays.

The total distance of the ride I regret to say will only be about 50 miles.   To make up for the lack of distance, we will after lunch be going into indian territory (lots of arrows) culminating in a visit to Forrest Head.     So not so gentle!

The forecast at the moment is for showers in the afternoon

I hope to see lots and lots of you at the start.

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  1. The route from Wetheral to Brampton for 11's is only 10 miles and then 10 miles to lunch. I suggest we don't bother with 11's and the first stop will be lunch at Greenhead. We can stop for afternoon tea at the Hallbankgate community cafe. Open for discussion before we set off.