Monday, 21 August 2017

Wednesday 23rd August rides

Alison and I are looking forward to seeing as many of you as choose to come.  To repeat the Runs List: Alison is leading a route said to be 30 miles and my route is said to be 50 miles long.
On reflection, and after a momentarily hysterical motorised recce, the routes could be slightly longer if they were both to include sheltered, purchased sustenance.
The adjustments to be made are gastronomically orientated - Alison's lunch stop (AFTER a 10.30 START to accommodate coffee / tea at the cafe at Lanercost) is at Bewcastle - eating what appeals to you of the fodder brought by you (the extension to her ride to take in a cafe would otherwise entail a 16 mile addition) - (in other words BYO - Alison.)
I have decided that a one stop ride (STARTING AT 09.30) would be improved by a cafe stop at Newcastleton, slightly off the 50 mile route but then including a location on the 80 mile Sportive route.
We can say that views are largely uninterrupted except by the natural folds of the land.  There is, as a result, a paucity of oral fortification locations.  Bring your own if you think you will need more food than is available at the single hostelries mentioned above.
PLEASE note that PARKING at the Lanercost Priory is limited to 2 hours.  We suggest parking by the Bridge to the East where it is unrestricted except by the limitations of its boundaries.

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