Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sunday 4th June Audax/Challenge Ride – what’s it all about?

With encouragement from some other members of the club I proposed to run 2 or possibly 3 small ‘events’ initially for club members and friends this year and maybe if they catch on, in a more formal way next year opening them up to anyone who wants to join in.

First it may be of interest to explain why they are called Audax – (the word means ‘bold’ or ‘daring’ hence the term challenge ride) There is a lot of detail on the Audax UK website aukweb.net but to summarise it developed from a 200km cycle event in Italy in the late 19th century. Audax events are not a race but the sole purpose is to complete the course. At its inception it was a team event but is now more normally an individual challenge of endurance navigation and self reliance.

When you enter an event you are sent a description of the course, then arriving at the event start you are given a card on which is recorded either times at which you pass through manned controls or information to act as evidence that you have been there. These might be information from a sign or, on permanent courses, till receipts at garages or cafés.
Enough said about the origins.I thought that if we ran a series of events it might encourage some of us to take up the ‘challenge’
So the plan is to run a 50mi (80km) introduction on Sunday 4th June when there was no ride on the Calendar. The course will start from Langwathby green and will be either a group ride for those that are unfamiliar with the idea but are interested to take part, or as an individual rider. All courses will be published on the Blog before hand (obviously - without the data required!)

On 2nd July starting from Melmerby VH, we propose to run two introductory self-led courses of approx 30mi (50km) and 60mi (100km) These will start at different times so that they finish with refreshments at the Village Hall in Melmerby. Hopefully this will provide a challenge and get a large group of us together after the ride(s)

In August - date to be agreed if there is interest, we will hold a 100mi + (approx 200km) course.

I am trying to keep the organisation as low key as possible but would be glad to hear from anyone who could help in the organisation of these events, mainly July and August.

Geoff A

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea Geoff and though I can't be around in June, just let us know what we can do for the July event. I hope everyone joins in.