Thursday, 8 December 2016

ALT/coffee stops - changes to venues

Hello all - if you have printed out your runs list, please can you make the following amendments - some café opening times have changed in the winter months.
Melmerby Tea Room now shuts at 10 am on Wednesdays so please swap the entry for Sunday 18 December - which will now be Melmerby - with Wednesday 21 December, which will now be Abbot Lodge.
Wednesday 28 December will now be at Culgaith as Thiefside is closed and my ride, due to leave from Thiefside, will also be rescheduled to take in Culgaith - route still to be determined.
Please keep checking the blog as at this time of year things are liable to change with café hours altering and weather conditions affecting the viability of the rides.
Hope to see lots of you at the Christmas dinner on 17th - please contact Geoff if you wish to attend - the deadline approaches.

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  1. This is now changed on the posted runs list on the website if you want to download new version