Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Penrith to Morland for coffee tomorrow

I have a rule that there is only one acceptable weather excuse for not cycling - that is when the roads are white (frost or snow) - and if that is the case I won't be out tomorrow. On the other hand, many a good cycle is spoiled by a bad forecast and the reason we put start times back to 10 am in winter is to give the frost time to thaw...
I am intending to get to the Cross Keys at Carleton at about 10 am to cycle through to Morland and back to Penrith by lunchtime. We may not meander so we will probably arrive for coffee before 11.30 - which gives us a chance to reserve the seats inside by the fire and warm up before our return. Hope to see a few people there.
If the roads are white in the morning and I decide I am not cycling I will put up a blog by 8.30 - as long as my internet connection is working. Obviously each individual makes their own decision about whether they feel safe to ride.
Wrap up warm!

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