Monday, 7 November 2016

Club ride Wednesday 9th November

The ride will start from the new car park at Dalston at 10am.   Distance to 11's at Caldbeck will be 10 1/2 miles.    The route to Pooley Bridge from Caldbeck will be via Hesket New Market, Haltcliffe, Berrier, Penruddock & Bennet Head.   We should arrive at Pooley Bridge about  1.30pm.  The return to Dalston will be via Dacre and Skelton.   Total distance 50 miles.   The route is moderately hilly and the pace will be moderate (moving average 11-12mph)

The forecast suggests the possibility of rain/sleat or snow at some point.   It will feel close to freezing.   Lights will be needed.    Make sure you are suitably dressed.  Better to wear too many clothes than too few.     Hope to see everyone - well , maybe not everyone.   One or two will be good.      Look forward to seeing you at t start.

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  1. There is a late change of route. Caldbeck to Pooley Bridge will be via Johnby and Greystoke. We will not be going through Berrier or Penruddock.