Saturday, 2 April 2016

TriVets (Triennial Veterans (over 50s)) 15 June 2016

As many will know we are running a TriVets event centred on Newton Rigg on 15th June this year.

Many of the clubs members have volunteered to lead/marshal/help on the day and we are very grateful to them for that. But the event is open to anyone who fancies the challenge of doing 100mi in a sociable organised group at a suitable speed. (You can choose). You can also opt to challenge yourself with a 100km ride if you think that would be more suitable for you.

Details of the event are on the website and as you will see refreshments and lunch are provided. If you enter now you will be assured of a place but we have to limit the numbers so it will be strictly first come (and paid!) first served.

Incidentally just so everyone is aware helpers get free refreshment and leaders/marshals will only pay £6.50 for food.

We have had several applications from out of the area so it will be fun to show off our beautiful Eden Valley to other enthusiastic riders.

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