Thursday, 6 August 2015

The drawbacks of going to watch the TdeF

Many of you will know Martin Y who with Dianne had gone for a holiday in France recently hoping to watch some of the sections of the Tour. Unfortunately on descending the Madelaine (col de) on his bike he had a collision with an unobservant car driver who crossed infront of him. The result was that he went through the windscreen of the car and sustained numerous fractures including rib arm and clavicle. Consequently he spent several days in a French Hospital being put back together.
Not wishing to dwell on the bad side of things he is improving and now recuperating at home having had a skin graft on his elbow.
When I spoke to him today he was cheerful and looking forward to a full recovery and getting back on the rock (and his bicycle). Not for a while yet though I fear.
His telephone no. is on the address list and I'm sure he would appreciate a call!

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  1. Martin sent this link to an article on 'blind spots' and road safety - Pertinent to car drivers and cyclists alike.