Saturday, 14 March 2015

Main Ride 15 th March

The ride will be as shown below : -

Start to 11’s at Lanercost

Dallas’s post of 12 th March highlighted that it’s Mothering Sunday and could be busy at Lanercost. Accordingly the route has been shorted to about 15 miles to arrive in good time.

11’s to Lunch at Greenhead

When offering the ride I made an error and intended lunch to be at Greenhead ( not Gilsland ). Since there no ways to increase the distance between 11’s & lunch it is only about 8 miles between the two points.

Lunch to Finish at Wetheral

Dependent upon the time available and weather the distance could be increased on the return journey. At present the stage penciled in is about 19 miles. Thus the overall distance at present is less than published.

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