Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Birthday Rides Gazetteer - Help Please

We CTC Eden Valley are in process of producing information for the CTC Birthday Rides that are being held this year at Newton Rigg.
As you will see from my previous post this means we are among other things providing suggested rides and a 'Gazetteer' (database) of places of interest in the area within <35 mi of Newton Rigg.

To enable you to add to this database conveniently CJ has put up a version on the net where you can add your entry. It works a bit like the Runs List which Ride leaders use and by clicking on this link you can see what is involved.
Just click in the next appropriate space below the entries already supplied and type away it will automatically save the information.

Please give a few moments of your time (especially if you live near Penrith) to cast an eye down the list and perhaps add (even just the name) of places in your area that would be of interest to visitors.

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