Monday, 26 January 2015

Club Ride Wednesday 28 Jan

As usual there will be parking for a few cars on our drive although the ride will officially start from Burneside Church at 1000.

There is only one stop planned at Leighton Moss, which will be after approx. 23 miles. The route will take us through Staveley, Underbarrow, Brigsteer and Holme.

After lunch we will follow the coast road around Silverdale and Arnside and return to Bowston for tea and refreshments via Heversham and Natland. The total distance will be 45 miles.

As things stand the forecast around the bay is looking OK, with sunny showers but quite windy, with the temperature comfortably above freezing. It looks as though it may be showery when we set off.

If conditions deteriorate we can amend the route and/or take in an additional stop.

Hope to see you Wednesday.
Keith G

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