Monday, 29 December 2014

Wednesday 31st December ride

I am proposing to go for a ride on Wednesday, free from ice but accepting that 'weather' of a different nature may cool us. My plan is to go about 45 miles, most before lunch at Booths in Penrith; I hope to get there before any others doing the single stop rides leave.
My proposed route may be changed on the day but at the moment looks like:
start at Langwathby 1000.  Winskill, Gamblesby, Renwick, Kirkoswald, Lazonby, Booths at Penrith (lunch).  After lunch Brougham Hall, Cliburn, over the hill to Culgaith and back to Langwathby.
At the moment I am not intending to stop for a morning coffee but will be open to persuasion;  the weather may have a bearing on my thinking.
Happy to share the ride with anyone who wants to come along;  if you are planning ahead and would like to give me a ring to say you are coming it would be good to hear from you.
Nigel L

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