Thursday, 7 August 2014

Sunday, August 10

This is a moderately paced ride starting in Appleby. The route is via Asby, Little Asby, Newbiggin-on- Lune, Fat Lamb and Fell End to Farfield Mill, (mile 23) for late 11s, or BYO if you want to eat earlier.
Then we go up Garsdale to Moorcock Inn and down into Kirkby-Stephen, (mile 43). From there it is a straight run not quite into Appleby (mile 54). The finish is up over the Golf Course and down from Hilton to Appleby, (mile 62) for refreshments at my place.

For those who feel the need for a greater challenge, there is ample scope for additional loops - or indeed to end at mile 54, when you can have my key and put the kettle on.

The weather forecast for Sunday is 'uncertain'.

Chris R.

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