Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ride on Sunday 20th July

  • Our trip into the North Pennines on Sunday will be really scenic and really hilly - but don't let that put you off! To make sure I don't become liable under Trades' descriptions, I've measured the route on bikehike and it comes to 73.42 miles (!) allowing for the odd wobble or two. (I'm not saying how many feet of ascent...) So I'll look forward to seeing people at Armathwaite. You might like to bring your turbo trainers so you can warm up for the first climb (only joking - about the turbo trainers) Probably best to park on the far side of the bridge.
  • There seem to be a couple of cafes in Allendale. This one looks particularly promising:

Don't forget to bring your own food too, though - it's a dessert I mean desert up there..

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