Thursday, 12 June 2014

Post Easter wee

Rachel has suggested that we look at Brunston  CastleLodges,,
Claire and I have looked on the website and they look good. No en suites but they are fairly reasonable so it would be possible for anyone who wanted a bit more luxury to get a 2 bedroom lodge for themselves.  There is a guest house very nearby that has 4 ensuite rooms.
Mike thought the cycling looked good.

The earlier we book the more likelihood there is of getting a good deal.


  1. Brunston Lodges looks promising. I've cycled in the Galloway Forrest a couple of times and been over to Maybole nearby. It is good cycling country in my opinion and is easily accessible from the venue. I'm not too familiar with the coastline.

  2. I meant the Galloway Hills, not the Galloway forrest although that is within riding distance