Monday, 12 May 2014


Thanks for all the messages of support we have received for the Fred it was a very rewarding but brutally hard day. We had invaluable support HQ from Alison and it was great to see Lance at our first support stop on the A66 and Neil at Grasmere cheering us home. Also, the support we had on our training rides from club members was fantastic.
The weather could have been much worse but the wet roads made the descents tricky and there were quite a few accidents, two requiring the Air Ambulance. One was behind us on Honister but the other was just in front on Wrynose and caused the route to be closed for 30 mins.
Cathy went off attention seeking by having a puncture on Cold Fell and coming off the road into a bog on the descent of Wrynose but I suppose we all do what we have to do!
Being part of such a supportive cycling club has been invaluable.  Really appreciative of this.
However, I regret to say that we passed Steve Donson's gate at 6.30am fully expecting, and looking forward to, tea and toast served in his kimono.  No show.  Explanation please Mr. Donson.
Keith G

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  1. What do you expect from an old chicken farmer. I was feeding my chickens!!