Monday, 12 May 2014


Congratulations to all our CTCEV Fred Whitton riders who according to the on line records have succeeded.
All the training has obviously paid off!

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  1. Thanks Geoff, it was a rewarding but very hard day. Conditions on descents were bad - the Air Ambulance was out twice, once just in front of us on Wrynose where the route was closed for 30 mins and one on Honister which was behind us and we avoided. Cathy punctured On Cold Fell and came off the road into a bog at the bottom of Wrynose but otherwise we fared well. I think she was attention seeking! Iron Ivan rode all the climbs which was very impressive. By the time we got to Hardknott my legs were starting to feel shot so there was no way I could have ridden it but as you know it doesn't save you ay time.
    Hope to see you Wednesday or are you going to wimp out because of this little ride you are doing on Sunday?!