Saturday, 1 February 2014

Club Ride 2 Feb

As usual there will be parking spaces on our drive for 4 or 5 cars with some space available on the Close although the ride will officially start from Burneside Church.
As we are only planning for one stop, a quick cup of tea or coffee will be available at our place at 9.30 and afternoon tea offered on our return.
The forecast is currently looking good for the areas south of Kendal so we hope to see you tomorrow.
Keith G.


  1. Good ride Keith --- one stop agreeable as was the weather.
    Please sort domestic staff; plates way too small and calories scarce.

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  3. Keith - Fantastic ride and excellent weather (good organisation) caterers excellent! (what a crawler) Re missing calories above I think Neil is forgetting the lunchtime infusion of pigs blood!