Thursday, 28 November 2013

Christmas Lunch & Walk

A reminder about the Christmas Lunch for those who have forgotten that they want to come(!) and a suggestion that we might like to walk beforehand.

The lunch is being held at Mrs Millers in Hazel Dean Garden Centre, Culgaith - you can park in the Garden Centre which is just S of the level crossing. So that's 12.30pm - 14th December and to book (if you haven't already) - give me a ring or use the form and the menu to complete your selection and email it to me. There is a vegetarian and full party menu with lots of choice.
I would be grateful if you could get your requests to me by the latest 8th December. Thanks!

I am happy to lead a shortish walk (90min mainly off road so bring boots or wellies) from Hazel Dean starting at 10.30am and you are welcome to assemble for coffee at 10.00 at Station House beforehand.

CJ's Ride on Sunday December 1st

Mike and Claire invite you to tea and cake after the ride.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Peoples Millions - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Watchtree Wheelers in the Peoples Millions. Watchtree won the £50,000.

The money will go towards re-tarmaccing the training area in front of the reception building, building a 1:15 slope as an aid for youngsters learning to ride 2 wheelers, moving the Interserve office cabin to a new location to reduce motorised traffic using the training area. The award is in addition to funding that has been given for tarmacing 1/2 mile of track leading on to the training area.

When complete, I think Watchtree will be one of the best 'Wheels for All' centres in the UK

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

Change to 11's Weds 27th

Elevenses  on Weds 27th has been changed to Little Dodd Nursery  just before Calvert Trust on the Bassenthwaite  road out of Keswick (A591). This is because the cafe at the Osprey centre at Mirehouse is now shut on Weds

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Peoples Millions - Watchtree Wheelers

A reminder that on Tuesday 26th November - this coming Tuesday - Watchtree Wheelers will feature in a televised competition for £50,000.   They are up against the Devils Porridge museum based at Eastriggs/Annan.   Both groups are registered charities.    The group that receives the most votes, will get the £50,000.    Naturally I would like as many people as possible to vote for Watchtree Wheelers (#votetoride).

Watchtree Wheelers is a 'Wheels for All' centre near Wiggonby,  west of Carlisle and is part of Watchtree Nature Reserve.     The centre is the only one of its kind in Cumbria.    Watchtree Wheelers has approximately 50 bikes of which half are adapted bikes for use by disabled people.    The centre is used regularly by disability groups from Carlisle, Wigton, Penrith,  Keswick, West Cumbria and more recently by a group from Barrow in Furness.     The centre is also used by families and in particular for teaching children to ride.    Carlisle Junior Triathlon Club also use Watchtree as a venue for some of their training.

The number to phone to register your vote will be revealed on Tuesday on Border TV.   You can vote from 9am until midnight.   You will find the number on the Watchtree Wheelers website on Tuesday morning.

Please vote for Watchtree Wheelers.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lorry Blind Spots

Sent from Tom Brewis via Dallas:

Click the link

Comment on the youtube site worth noting. Be sure that you can see the lorry driver's face through his mirror or he cannot see you! 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Ernest's Ride on Wednesday

Ernest has asked me to inform you that tomorrow's ride will be 50+ miles on scenic cruising terrain. It isn't forecast to be frosty, but if conditions require it we will follow safer bus routes, but lunch and 11's will still be Morecambe and Leighton Moss.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sunday 17th November Rides

Les has kindly offered coffee before the start tomorrow hence the 'from' 0900; I am not proposing to leave Les's till 0930.
Alison says that she (and others seeking moderate pace and peace from me) will be going to Bojangles for 11s and then on to Abbot Lodge for 12s.
Nigel L

Tomorrow's ride Cafes

11's suggest Bojangles Bridge Street Appleby open from 10 am. Taste of Eden closed Sundays. Eden River used to be Lemon Tree I can't get to answer phone and even if open, not till 11 am.

Lunch Silver Yard cafe at Orton; recentish place used to be Mad Monks Music

Even though Nigel leading rather than me, still start at our house from 9 am and welcome back here for tea after the ride.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sunday's Ride - Update

Nigel has kindly volunteered to lead my ride on Sunday, still starting from our house in Ousby so you can take the mickey out of my gammy tooty ! Forecast suggests cloudy and thankfully no ice for further mishaps following last weekend's adventures.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

EV Slide show Friday 15 November

Looking like being a great social occasion and if you have not yet let me know you are coming along there is still time.  Otherwise see you all at the Stoney Beck Inn, Penrith on Friday for 7.00pm

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cafe Stops for Tomorrow's Ride

I am planning to stop for 11's in Muker at the tea rooms in the village store instead of Thwaite as published on the Runs List. In addition, I am looking to switch lunch to the bikers' café in Hawes. The reason for these changes is that I cannot guarantee the original venues being open.

The forecast for tomorrow is looking good - I hope to see you in Kirkby Stephen.

Keith G

Monday, 11 November 2013

Can anyone help retrieve Sue Bland's bike from Grizedale Visitor Centre?

Due to injury Sue had to abandon Sunday's ride (10 Nov) leaving her bike in the wardens office at Grizedale Forest visitor Centre.

Sue to likely to be out of action for some weeks so it would be very helpful if anyone is passing Grizdale and is able to retrieve the bike directly to her or to me (Lance in Cliburn near Penrith, Mobile: 07432 627480). Also, I am happy to collect it and relay it on to Sue from anywhere near the A6 north of Kendal.

Sue lives near Brampton - (details in members list)

Les's Ride Sunday 17th November

Would someone volunteer to lead my forthcoming Sunday ride please?

It's scheduled to start from our house in Ousby with 11's at Appleby and lunch at Orton, but if the hoped-for volunteer would prefer an alternative start venue, just need to blog it and I'll phone the few non-bloggers who may turn out.

So why am I opting out of this coveted role? Expecting bad weather? Can't do the miles? Bike broken? Someone has invited us to lunch? No - I slipped on a rock walking on my ownsome too fast off the hill in near darkness on Saturday and have sprained a ligament or some such anatomical thingy in my foot; took an hour to hobble the remaining mile even with walking poles. Treatment with whisky and beer didn't effect an immediate cure, so a few weeks non-activity beckons!

Been a funny old week. Last Monday on a beautiful day completed my final 'Birkett' Lakeland Fell top near Shap - there are 541 of these, over twice as many as the 'Wainwrights' which even you dedicated cyclists may have heard of! Ruth still struggling with her toe infection picked up at Cumberland Infirmary in July and Muska our elderly Retriever although having been unwell that morning and walking slowly, met me on the final summit of the round of eight tops. Muska took a turn for the worse and could hardly walk so
carried her an exhausting mile over my shoulders down the rough fellside to a track, fetched the car and then got stuck in the mud turning round; eventually extricating ourselves as darkness fell. Next day took Muska to the vet hoping it was a gastro infection as in the past, they put her on a drip and did tests, but two days later that was it, no more exuberant if sometimes undisciplined dog. 13+ years or 90+  in human terms is fine though.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

For Sale:-

Giro helmet, size XS, very little use, £5;

Cycling shoes, Exus, size 40, very little use, £20;

Cycling sandals, Exustar, size 39/40, as new, £20;

Line 7 boots, Goretex-lined, size40, very little use, £20;

Or all the above £50;

Contact , John W.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Transport to Burneside tomorrow

Would anyone  be able to give me a lift to and from Burneside tomorrow? Maybe from junction 42? At a pinch I could get there but would need lift back. I will check blog later but please give me a call if you can help. Janet

Tomorrow's ride - 10th November

Weather looking good for tomorrow - ride has its ups and downs but no steep climbs planned but certainly some beautiful autumn scenery through the Rusland valley.  There is some parking chez nous as well as usual car park opposite Burneside Church.  Afternoon tea also chez nous post ride - hope to see you!  Cathy

Friday, 8 November 2013

People's Millions - Watchtree Wheelers

On the 26th of November The Watchtree Wheelers will feature on ITV Border news as one of two charities in the running for £50,000 Peoples Millions funding. Viewers get to decide which of the two charities receive the money.  A voting phone line will be open on the day from 9am until midnight.   Our mission is to make sure that every single one of our supporters votes and their friends and family members vote also.   (you can vote up to 10 times)! In the run up to the vote we are trying to build a huge following here and on twitter so that when the time comes we can remind you to vote.    

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wrong grid for ride on 27th Nov

Grid ref for elevenses at Osprey centre Mirehouse should read  (GR 235282)
for ride on 27th November. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moderate Ride 6 November

A few of us are going to surprise the main ride (Ian L's) by going to Up Front for 11s (meeting perhaps a little early - Alison thinks about 1030) and then going on to Booths at Penrith for 1200. Alison will be leaving Langwathby at 0930, Culgaith road end, and going via Plumpton.
Anyone wanting to join is welcome.
Nigel L

Rheged Event - Best of Kendal Film Festival

Rheged Sunday 17th November 7.30pm  price £9-50 is the annual evening showing of best films from the Kendal Mountain Film Festival awarded earlier that day.

Several EV's have attended in the past when we organised a pre-event Chinese meal at 6pm in Penrith, or alternatively simply eat at the cafe in Rheged.

If interested, please book tickets directly with Rheged and let us know if you'd like us to look further into the Chinese meal option.

Les & Ruth

Monday, 4 November 2013

Wednesday 6th November ride

11's will be at the Upfront Gallery.     Most of the total mileage will be completed in the morning so lunch in Keswick may be late .   We will not be doing the Skiddaw round.   Instead we will return to Dalston via Mungrisedale and Carrock Fell.   Lights will be essential.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Slide show on 15 Nov

Hi folks

Please will you let me know if you are coming along to the slide show on 15 Nov, 7.00pm, Stoney Beck Inn, Penrith  by 6 November please.  Ta

Tomorrow's ride Sunday 3rd November

The bulk of the mileage will be in the morning tomorrow. Elevenses at Lanercost followed by a late lunch at Houghton Garden Centre at approx. 14.00 - so make sure you bring enough food (or nutrition systems) to keep you going! Suggest you bring lights just in case we are delayed by punctures etc.  Looking forward to seeing you at Wetheral.

Good Cycle video from CycleClips

Go to http://www't get the email from
For those that don't get the email newsletter from CTC

Friday, 1 November 2013

Posible email scam or malware

I received an email with a header purporting that it was from Paul Gilpin and was entitled " Hello ".

Since Paul is not active with the club any more and there were unknown addressees on the message I did not open the message and deleted it.

This could be a scam or malware.